Sample AccessionLocation IDlatitudelongitudeAltitudeCollection DateCountryProvinceCountry CodeProvince CodeSite NoteCollectorUniv AddressWorkbookWorksheetRaw Community TypeRaw Exposure LevelRaw BaregroundRaw Habitat DisturbanceRaw Population AreaRaw Population DensityRaw Soil Moisture
EU.PL.1_2013-06-21EU.PL.154.328318.5654722013-06-21PolandPomorskiePLPMThe population has 2 patches of Fragaria, they are 180m distanced. AL: I changed the species name based on vouchers -ALL plants should be checked with ndhASulisława BorzyszkowskaGdańsk University, ul. Wita Stwosza 59, 80-308 Gdańsk, PolandSulislawa_Borzyskowska_Poland.xlsxGdanskmeadow/ Betula brakeMixed, 50 and 80%0.0moderately disturbed (in a year or two this population will be distroyed)2 patches: 1450 and 4000 m2Mean 15dry
EU.PL.2_2013-06-23EU.PL.253.430718.178882013-06-23PolandKujawsko-pomorskiePLKPSamples were collected mostly every 3m starting from one edge of the population. Here the exposure was 70%, the second part of population had more shade (40% of the exposure). The Fragaria's ramets occur only along the embankment of the old rail and wasn't found up the forest. AL: Vouchers = vesca & viridis. Confirm ID with ndhA.Sulisława Borzyszkowska, Ewelina KurachGdańsk University, ul. Wita Stwosza 59, 80-308 Gdańsk, PolandSulislawa_Borzyskowska_Poland.xlsxBranicamixed forest, only along an embankment of railMix, 70%0.1An embankment of rail, not used for last 20 years or more1620.037.0dry
EU.PL.3_2013-06-30EU.PL.354.279518.00361692013-06-30PolandPomorskiePLPMTwo patches, about 700 m of distance. AL: Voucher = F. vesca.Sulisława BorzyszkowskaGdańsk University, ul. Wita Stwosza 59, 80-308 Gdańsk, PolandSulislawa_Borzyskowska_Poland.xlsxLaczynoAn edge of a mixed forest0.45% and 20%undisturbed1500 and 500m44 and 97dry
EU.PL.4_2013-07-04EU.PL.454.319718.40061412013-07-04PolandPomorskiePLPMThe 3 herbarium samples grew about 100m distanced from the seeds' mother plants , inside the forest. AL: Vouchers= moschata! I changed the species name. Need to confirm with ndhA.Sulisława BorzyszkowskaGdańsk University, ul. Wita Stwosza 59, 80-308 Gdańsk, PolandSulislawa_Borzyskowska_Poland.xlsxPrzyjaznAn edge of a deciduous forest0.40.1on the edge of the forest and a field1000.08.0moist
EU.PL.5_2013-07-04EU.PL.553.754818.00771282013-07-04PolandPomorskiePLPMAL: Vouchers for plants 1,3 & 20 = viridis, vesca & moschata. Need to ID all with ndhA.Sulisława BorzyszkowskaGdańsk University, ul. Wita Stwosza 59, 80-308 Gdańsk, PolandSulislawa_Borzyskowska_Poland.xlsxOstrowitedeciduous forest0.60.2Places after cutting out trees and along the forest roadApproximately 5000mean32dry
EU.SI.1_2013-06-25EU.SI.146.682716.2951217.9812013-06-25SloveniaNoneSINoneSamples collected across the road section at forest edge in total 1,5 km length.Branko BakanUniversity of MariborBakan_Slovenia.xlsxSite1Deciduous forest, road edge0.00.1Moderately disturbed7000.00.03Semi dry
EU.SI.2_2013-06-27EU.SI.246.576915.6092374.4622013-06-27SloveniaNoneSINoneSamples collected along the path edge (inclination 80%)Branko BakanUniversity of MariborBakan_Slovenia.xlsxSite2Path edge near decidous forest0.250.1Disturbed/Human altered5000.00.09Semi dry
EU.SI.3_2013-06-28EU.SI.346.284715.58766202013-06-28SloveniaNoneSINoneSamples collected along the road edgeBranko BakanUniversity of MariborBakan_Slovenia.xlsxSite3Deciduous forest edge0.250.25Moderately disturbed2000.00.1-0.2Dry
NA.BC.3_2013-08-16NA.BC.349.5646-125.009340.1712013-08-16CanadaBritish ColumbiaCABCmost of the ecological fields were not recordedRuth Stockey & Gar RothwellOregon State UniversityStockey BC Canada.xlsxSite1Conifer forestN/AN/AModerately disturbedN/AN/AN/A
NA.UT.3_2013-06-26NA.UT.340.4349-111.63122782013-06-26United StatesUtahUSUTAlong trail edge in aspen-pine forest with Symphoriocarpum sp., Rosa sp., and Potentilla sp. Fruits immature. Lat, long, and elevation taken from Google Earth. Matthew KoskiClapp 216, 4249 Fifth AvenueKoski_Trail150_vesca_CollectionNotes.xlsxSite1Mixed aspen-pine forest0.250.1Moderately disturbedN/A15.0Moist