Sample AccessionLocation IDlatitudelongitudeAltitudeCollection DateCountryProvinceCountry CodeProvince CodeSite NoteCollectorUniv AddressWorkbookWorksheetRaw Community TypeRaw Exposure LevelRaw BaregroundRaw Habitat DisturbanceRaw Population AreaRaw Population DensityRaw Soil Moisture
NA.WI.2_2013-06-20NA.WI.244.7139-90.32523962013-06-20United StatesWisconsinUSWIPlants growing on both sides of 26th Rd., ~1.2 miles from junction with Highway V, near old field with tall grass, blackberry. GPS: Fvir 26George A. MeindlUniversity of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, 15260Site Descriptions_chiloensis, virginiana and vesca bracteata collections_Meindl 2013.xlsx26th- virg.Meadow0.90.1Disturbed/Human altered300.06.0Moist
NA.WI.1_2013-06-20NA.WI.145.2327-90.68613952013-06-20United StatesWisconsinUSWIGrowing on forest edge, roadside leading to Chippewa National Forest Campground, amon grass, bracken fern, buttercup. Abundant. Most fruits immature. GPS: Fvir CNGeorge A. MeindlUniversity of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, 15260Site Descriptions_chiloensis, virginiana and vesca bracteata collections_Meindl 2013.xlsxCN- virg.mixed forest0.750.25Moderately disturbed2000.012.0Moist
NA.WI.3_2013-06-20NA.WI.342.6897-90.42943182013-06-20United StatesWisconsinUSWIMost fruits small with few seeds (e.g., 1-2). Growing along old railraod tracks, among tall grass and blackberry. GPS: Fvir IPGeorge A. MeindlUniversity of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, 15260Site Descriptions_chiloensis, virginiana and vesca bracteata collections_Meindl 2013.xlsxIP- virg.Prairie0.90.1Moderately disturbed800.03.0Moist
NA.ON.1_2013-06-21NA.ON.145.5701-78.4344092013-06-21CanadaOntarioCAONfemales present, many mature plants produced flowers but did not produce fruit (>50% of floweing individuals in the population)Samantha StephensTrent University 1600 West Bank Drive, Peterborough, ON, Canada, K9J 7B8Algonquin_Fragaria_virginiana_KS.xlsxSite1sandy roadside embankmentfull sun0.25disturbed/human altered155.072.0dry
EU.SE.1_2013-06-29EU.SE.155.522214.015850.29072013-06-29SwedenSkåne länSEMPlants are mainly growing along three stone fences/walls and on a rather steep slope. Meadows are grazed by cows, but not on slope. Vouchers collected. F. viridis was more abundant that F. vesca. Only a few of F. viridis had fruits (no flowers detected) - typically plants growing in drier and sunnier spots. F. vesca was flowering a lot and had just started to set fruit. Åsa LankinenSwedish Agricultural University, SLU AlnarpLankinen_Sweden_Collection template v4.3.xlsxSite1MeadowMixed-full sun0% bare soilModerately disturbed22500.00-15, lumped occurrence, dense in < 5% of total population area Dry
EU.SE.2_2013-07-17EU.SE.255.696913.3289812013-07-17SwedenSkåne länSEMVoucher collected.Åsa LankinenSwedish Agricultural University, SLU AlnarpLankinen_Sweden_Collection template v4.3.xlsxSite2Decidious forestMixed-full shade25% bare soilModerately disturbed7500.00-50, lumped occurrence, plants are typically growing along paths ca 150-200 m with maximum cover of 70%Dry-moist
NA.WA.1_2013-07-19NA.WA.147.5269-121.07910232013-07-19United StatesWashingtonUSWAUsed Hitchcock and Cronquist to key the voucher specimen. Some of the seed collections were closer than 3 meters due to scarcity of fruits. Benjamin MeersmanU. of Washington, Dept. of Biology, c/o Olmstead Lab, Box 351800, Seattle, WA 98195-1800Meersman Washington Collection.xlsxSite1Meadowfull sun0.25Moderately disturbed (population along Forest Service Road on edge of undisturbed meadow)100.03 to 5dry
EU.DE.3_2013-07-13EU.DE.349.32168.70652272013-07-13GermanyBaden-WürttembergDEBWpath left of "Weiße Hohl", plants very largeG. Kadereit & J.W. KadereitInstitut für Allgemeine und Spezielle Botanik, Johannes Gutenberg Universität MainzCollection Kadereit & Kadereit NuBloch 13_76.xlsxSite1deciduous forest30-50% exposed 80-100%moderately disturbedsmall population along both sides of path1-3 plants/m2moist
EU.CH.8_2013-07-20EU.CH.846.27937.324511502013-07-20SwitzerlandValaisCHVSN/Ades MONSTIERS BaudouinLausanne UniversityBaudoin_Switzerland_KS.xlsxSite2conifer forest mixed 0.8human altered80.00.5wet
CH.GS.1_2013-07-24CH.GS.133.3281105.6021234.042013-07-24ChinaGansuCNKAN/ASong GaoCollege of life siences, Taizhou University, Jiaojiang County,Zhejiang provinceGansu(CH.GS).xlsSite1Meadowmixed0.8undisturbed200.015.0wet